About Us

My name is Precious Phiri, I worked in the corporate industry for almost 20 years. The first few years was the happiest as I was still young, vibrant, and happy to meet new people and the excitement of my first job, but as time went by I realized that the corporate industry was not how I envisioned the rest of my life. I was no longer happy and fulfilled with my job but the fear of stepping into the unknown held me back from resigning, I was eventually retrenched due to Covid in 2020.

I joined the cryptocurrency in 2017 by default, I was involved in a company called MMM, because other people already new about bitcoin they will then ask to be paid in Bitcoin, by then I really thought I was being scammed.

Later that year a very close lady introduced me to a company that was dealing with Bitcoin mining, I avoided her for some time then I just agreed not completely happy about it but just to move her off my back.

Wow, I realized in few months that I wasted time being scared of being scammed when I realized that Bitcoin was a currency like our Rand, Dollars etc, with more benefits than fiat currency. I then decided to educate myself more about this Crypto and I haven’t looked back since and I am still learning more. Thank you to my leader who didn’t give up on me, I will still be blank by now.

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